Reverence Barrel Works

Reverence Barrel Works is a small microbrewery devoted to the sour, funky and wood aged beers. Paying respect to the traditional Belgian styles we also look to bring the flair of the modern craft movement to the table with the likes of unconventional fruited sour ales, 100% brett fermented IPAs and historical english cask ales. Looking around the Ontario beer landscape we see a sea of various beer styles. However barrel aged mixed fermented beers are few and far between. Our main focus as we grow will be on these uncommon styles. We aim to provide customers with these beers year round and in a variety.

Almost all

Ontario is a beautiful province filled with diverse people and landscape. Reverence Barrel Works has a mobile coolship that will be used to capture microflora from various specific regions. In the coming years bottles of spontaneously fermented ale from Niagara, Algonquin, The Blue Mountains, and more will be carefully blended to bring out the expression of those particular landscapes. We take a lot of inspiration from the world renowned Lambic brewers and blenders of Belgium.